About us

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” ~ Chinese proverb

Our story goes back to 2015.

We launched an ecommerce company, selling wristwatches online. As the business grew we realised that we needed a way to interract faster with our customers. For that reason we built a simple app that enabled our sales and delivery teams to interact with great ease, eliminating the need for paperwork. This also enabled the director to have realtime info on the daily activities including sales and marketing. Our friends liked the app so much that they wanted to use it for their businesses.

In February 2018 we put the app on the Play store and almost immediately other businesses from Brazil, to Malaysia, to India, to the US started downloading it and making requests for customisations to suit their businesses.

In December 2018 we shut down to wristwatch business to focus only on the app ecosystem and make it more robust for a growing number of users. The number of our users has grown from zero to hundreds of businesses using it daily. We continue to grow from strength to strength.

We are a very small, lovely and very dedicated team and we are based in Nairobi Kenya.