Catalogues simply represent the categories in your shop. Catalogues are displayed on the homescreen of your webshop.

Create & add products

Click on the green button on the landing page. A window appears with a box to enter the catalogue title. Enter any title that you prefer. Next, click the green button to select images for the products that will form this catalogue. You can select upto 99 images at once though it is advisable to limit it to 30. In the window that appears, you can scroll sideways to enter product details such as titles, description and prices. Click on the blue button "NEXT" to go to the verification page. On the verification page you can confirm that everything is entered OK. You can add more items to this list if you please.

Click on "SAVE". The images are uploaded in the background so that you can continue setting up other catalogues.

Sometimes images are not successfully uploaded and you can simply know this if the product images are not displayed in the app. Simply open the particular product and upload the image again.


Click on the top right menu and select “Organise”. In the catalogue list popup window that appears grab the handle on the left and drag up or down as preferred.


Tap and hold to select one or multiple catalogues. Next, on the app bar a share icon appears. Tap on it to select which messaging app that you want to share to.

Edit catalogues

Tap on a catalogue to select it. Next, tap on the orange icon at the bottom to reveal other options. Select “Edit title” to update the catalogue title or “Add products” to add more products to the catalogue.

Delete & restore

To delete a catalogue, tap and hold to select one or multiple catalogues. Next, a delete icon appears on the app bar at the top. Tap on it and then in the dialogue window that pops up select “OK”. The catalogue is sent to Trash. To restore a deleted catalogue, go to left “Menu” and select “Trash: catalogues”. In the window that appears, tap on the catalogue that you want to restore. In the app bar at the top, select the “Restore” icon. You can also click on “Delete” icon to permanently delete the catalogue with its products.




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